BISE Faisalabad Matric Result 2024 – Date Announced

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If you want to see Faisalabad matric result 2024, then you are exactly at the right place. You are probably worried about thinking about your result. The result date is finally Announced. FBISE has officially Announced the 10th class Result 2024. The result of Faisalabad SSC-II Annual Examinations 2024 will be announced on Monday, July 31, 2024, at 11:00 AM.  Students get worried when exam season is near


These things are exams and then the result date. Students prepare day and night and when this moment of truth comes, they panic. This may be due to the fact that there is a very common myth about these results. This myth is that your entire educational career depends on Matric result. My dear friend, I assure you that this myth is completely wrong. Although Matric result is important, it’s not like one mediocre result will ruin your career.

Note: Click here to check your Matric Result 2024.

Now let’s come to the result date. Unfortunately, the officials haven’t announced the dates yet. They are still waiting for when they will give the exam. Then they will decide the date depending on how much take they will need to check and recheck the papers. But you shouldn’t get worried. This is because we will keep updating every single detail about the event on our website. All you have to do is keep visiting us and get the latest information about Matric results in 2024.

Faisalabad Matric Result 2024 announcement date

The government formed BISE Faisalabad in 1988. Four districts come under the control of this board. These districts are Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang, and Chiniot. The students of this board are really hard working. Each year, thousands of students of this board make a mark for themselves in the professional world. They have proved themselves in the market. Each year, thousands of students become doctors, engineers and lawyers. The students of this board are the best in every field.

Because students are this hard-working, you can tell that there is a lot of hard work behind their success. That is why they panic for their results. They always want to get good grades in exams. You are also a hard working student. This is the very reason that you are here. You also want to know when BISE Faisalabad is going to announce the matric result. But we have to ask you to be patient. This is because they have not announced the date yet. They will first give the test. Then they will send the papers for checking. The process is really transparent.

But you should not get worried. What if they haven’t announced the date yet. We are here for your help. All you have to do is follow us on our website. We will keep you updated on every single detail regarding your examination schedule and important dates.

How to check Matric Result

Students always wait restlessly for their results. They keep speculating how many marks they will get. The problem is, most of the students do not know how to check their result. They get worried about how they will find their Faisalabad matric result in 2024. But we got you here. We are going to tell you how you can find your result. No need to get worried. We have solved your problems with the following solutions. You can find your result by following Methods:

  • By checking out our website.
  • You can check your result via an SMS.
  • Students can also get their result by using a gazette.

Get your result with our website

When the result date arrives, you do not need to worry. You can just visit our website. You just need to log in to any of your devices and get to us. How you will do that? That is not a big deal as well. You just need a good internet connection and follow our guidelines. Here is a step by step process about how you will search your result by using our website.

  1. Open your device.
  2. Make sure it is connected to the internet.
  3. Come on our website.
  4. You will get a bar where you can enter your roll number.
  5. After entering your roll number, click the search bar.
  6. Your result will automatically appear on the screen.

Check the result via SMS

You can also search for Matric result via SMS. All you have to do is follow the steps given below and you can easily find out your result. Just send an SMS to the given number and find out your marks. So just grab your phone, go to your local messaging app and dig in

  1. Open your message sender on the phone
  2. Type your roll number
  3. Send that SMS to “800240”
  4. You will shortly get a message in which you will know your marks


There is something that we should tell you before you use this method. It will take a few minutes, sometimes even several minutes before you get the SMS telling you your marks. This is because hundreds of thousands of students will be checking the result at that moment. Due to such huge amounts of traffic, the server becomes busy like crazy. As a result, it will get a while before you get a message. But do not worry, have some patience. You will definitely get a message telling you your marks. For your ease, try sending the SMS at times when you think students will not be using this service. But again, there are other ways, so no worries.

Search Matric Result via Gazette

You can also know your marks through a gazette. The issue with the gazette is that you have to go to some photocopy shop where the owner has the gazette. You will have to pay for him. Or you have to go to the Faisalabad board head office and get the gazette for yourself. This cannot be a problem for natives of Faisalabad city but for students outside Faisalabad, things get difficult. And the person buying the gazette can exploit the student for this problem. This wastes a lot of time and of course, money.

But again, you can get your result by this method as well. Actually, people used to use this method back in the day when the internet was not as normal as it is nowadays. SMS facility was also not available in old days. So, get a gazette and search your roll number or your name. You will know your result in a matter of seconds. More ever, you will also know the result of the whole board. that includes hundreds of thousands of students. So if you are interested in knowing the results of your friends too, go for it.

Search Result via Name

If you want to know the result of your friends or family but you do not know their roll number, it’s not much of a problem. You can just follow the steps and you will know your marks.

  1.  Open a gazette.
  2. Enter Your name or the name of your friend.
  3. Spellings of name should be correct and exact
  4. click on the Find button

You will have to search the name for quite a while before you get the exact person. This is because at least thousands of people have the same name and it will be difficult for you. So we will not recommend this method. But as long as you are good, go with it.

Faisalabad Matric Board Toppers

Students of Faisalabad board are really talented. They get good grades each year and prove their worth. They are very competitive and get grades equal to that of other board toppers. Faisalabad board is known for the quality of students it sends into the system. And the evidence of that is the result. Here in the article, we will show you the result of toppers from last two years. So judge for yourself how good these students are.

 10th Class Position Holders 2024

PositionNameRoll numberMarks
1Ansharah Mudassar4044681090/1100
2Laiqa Iqbal4058341087/1100
2Iman noor4058331087/1100
3Zuha tariq4045201085/1100
3Fizza Fatima4192181085/1100
3Qamar Jawad Mehdi5135981085/1100


Before you check your result online on our website, we should tell you something. Because thousands of students will be checking their result at a single time, it will take a few seconds to a few minutes to load the page. Such a huge amount of traffic on the website will cause this problem. But that is not a problem as well, it is just a temporary technical issue. And it’s a completely normal thing to happen. The page will load and you will find out your result.

And there are additional leverages that you get if you check your result online using our website. You will also know the details of your results. You will know individual subject marks here which will not appear if you use any other means. For example, by other means, you will only know the total marks. But with our website, you will also know your subject-wise marks. So when the time comes, remember the advantages of using our website.

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